Programs and Services

All of our programs and service are free of charge


Building Community

Community Living Room – A welcoming place with a true sense of community and belonging.  All people are welcome to join us and become a member of our extended community family.

Children's Play Area – A safe place for younger children to play and have fun.

Community Life Group – A group to discuss faith, life, and current events. 

Women's Sharing Circle – A group for women to socialize, bond, and support each other. (Coming soon)

Men’s Sharing Circle – A group for men to talk, hang out, and encourage each other. 

Pastoral and Spiritual Care – Caring Pastors who are available on request to listen, pray, and guide people to a deeper relationship with God.

Volunteer Opportunities – A way for everyone to join our team, give back, and play an active role in making change happen.

Community Birthday Parties - A monthly party to celebrate everyone's birthday in that given month.


Empowering Families 

Life Coaching - Assistance in identifying and working towards short and long term goals that allow people to change their current life situations.

Community Kitchen - A family sized kitchen with cooking classes and other food related activities.  

  • Program Partner - The North End Food Security Network

Moe the Mouse - A speech and language development program for children 0-5 years old.

  • Program Partner - The Very Ready Project

Monthly Workshops – A fun and informative monthly meeting that empowers people to meet their life goals.

Agency Referrals – Connecting people with needed services we don’t have onsite.

Advocacy – Speaking up for people that need a friend in their corner.


Family Essentials

Community Laundry Room – An area for families to keep up with laundry. 

Community Computers – An area to surf the web, look for employment and housing, school research, and work on resumes.

Community Shop - A place to pick needed personal care items and toiletries.

Community Phone - A phone to book appointments and stay in touch with friends and family.

Personal Voice Mail Service – A private voicemail service to stay in touch with friends, family, employers, and appointments.  

Faxing and Photocopying Services – A convenient way to make copies, send and receive needed documents, applications, and appointments.